Yoast SEO and DoubleClick cookie

By in Technical on April 19, 2019

I recently installed this Yoast SEO plugin on my koo1.fi site. This post is not about the usability, but about a detail.

Now, as I am concerned with these cookie issues, I noticed, that this Yoast SEO places a DoubleClick cookie.

And I can see that, because I emptied all my Opera browser cookies & stuff, and only visited my own koo1.fi afterwards. (See screen capture at the end.)

And I noticed as I googled, that there’s a talk about this in WordPress.org Yoast plugin page, where the support first plays ignorant and then calls this just a bug – and then terminates the open discussion. (Or actually the support furthers the talk from WordPress.org to GitHub, which requires signing up and further research, which, all in all, is effectively a talk termination.)

Here’s a link to that talk: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/doubleclick-cookie-2/

Well, well, well. That talk took place over 6 months ago, and the DoubleClick cookie setting is still quite evident, so I guess, that’s not a bug, but quite deliberate action.

One thing for sure, is that this leaves one skeptical and doubtful.

Right now I’m not going to dive any deeper into this matter, although there might be interesting talks and views elsewhere.
Instead right now, as I’ve decided to keep the koo1.fi as cookie-free as possible, I’ll remove this Yoast right away.

And generally, I think, I’ll search for an alternative to Yoast SEO. (Although it boasts with over 5M downloads.)

EDIT  a little bit later: I deleted Yoast SEO, and like I expected, also the DC cookie was gone.

Then, as a scientific person as I am (!),I re-installed Yoast, ran the Wizard and some basic stuff, and to my surprise, the DC cookie did not show up. What? When and how does it come from?  Or am I totally mistaken in the first place?

I’ll have to investigate this some more, I think, and come back later on this subject.

Here’s my Opera screencap.

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