Pantone Color of the Year 2019

2018-12-18: So this is the color of 2019, says Pantone. Oh well. This color is not-so-much to my liking, and normally it wouldn’t matter so much anyhow, but as a designer of some sorts, it matters.  Are we going to see this color a lot? 

[Edit 2019-03-16: Well, we haven’t seen this color so much. It seems, this color, maybe hasn’t been to others’ likings so much either.]  >>

Here are the values

CMYK for Pantone 16-1546 TCX simulation

C 0 M 65 Y 54 K 0
sR 255 sG 111 sB 97

CMYK for Pantone 2345 C simulation

C 0 M 59 Y 50 K 0
sR 255 sG 109 sB 112

FYI: Pantone color of 2018 was Ultra Violet – and that (and it’s complementary color yellow) we had everywhere all year round.  So that’s why these Pantone (& other Giants’) sayings do matter.

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