Major news: K1 goes to A2

By in Some olds on June 30, 2019

So now it is decided. After 10 years or so being with Louhi, I’ve finally decided to change my web host.

The new one with soon will be, and already is with my other domain ;- A2 Hosting (aff link). My server is located in Amsterdam.

With my two weeks of quite extensive testings, and numerous chats and emails with personnel, and this and that,
I’m convinced. This is a good move.

Right now, many of my sites have already moved to their new home. This one of course is, this  also is, and this is too, although in the midst of a big transformation. My magazine styled site, also is, although I just haven’t had time to change it the way I want to. Be my guest to have a look at all of those.

My former, local Louhi-based equivalent is and the subs,and my deal with Louhi will end 2019-06-30.

There’ll be more info and comparisons later on. But there’s something more below already.

You can already view/compare my DesignK1 site.

One here in Finland with Louhi:
and one in Amsterdam with A2:
– the latter being on a subdomain, because I’m still thinking and planning how to organize these things

Here’s my cPanel from A2. 


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