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With A2 Hosting I have their ‘Swift’ plan and I’m quite happy with it.

You can run your own tests with Swift just by using my site(s) – you’ll see how swift it really is.
Of course, I’ve done my optimization lessons and so, on most of the pages.

But anyhow I think you’ll notice, that this really is quite a good speed.
And talking about speed – they even have their Turbo option, claiming to be even 20x faster…
Well for me, I don’t know about it yet, but sure I’m interested.
[Update 2020-03-18: I have been A2 client now for about 8 months with my approximately 10 web sites and all of this and that, and I am a very happy client. Not even once have I experienced any disappointments or functional hickups or anything unpleasant. All things have been silk smooth from the day one, and I plan to stay.]

That much happy client I am, that I’ve decided to join their Affiliate program.
I have a small affiliate site in progress, so more info will be there.

But for now more info at A2 website.

A2’s general price table on 2020-03-18.



Lately I’ve been updating my site, which focuses mainly on WordPress website design and development tools and assets.

Also I’ve been re-organizing this site. There has been so much of everything, that I had to harvest posts and things quite a lot. is my third main site. Some updates there too.


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Ryte logo

“Monitor, analyze and optimize the key elements of your website efficiently with one tool.”

Well this one is definitely a comprehensive and a massive tool. Oh my! If you thought you made a fine website, try Ryte and think again.
There’s a free account also. And there’s a lot of other tools in this area too, like SEMRush.