About this site

Now a little bit starting over with my wall.koo1web.com site.

I’ve had this site for two years now, and there’s a lot of all kinds of stuff. Too much of all kinds, I must say. Although not all so much visible.

There’s been a gap for like 8-10 months, when I’ve done nearly nothing here, especially nothing new or interesting or meaningful, but maybe from now on, there’ll be something again. Let’s see.

But at first, before adding anything new, I should unpublish soo-o many postings.


Design.koo1web.com has the same content as my as my long time domain Koo1.fi
There is also Netti.koo1.fi, which directs straight to the Finnish page.
My minimalistic Koo1web.com site gathers my main sites together.
My sites are hosted by A2 Hosting  [aff link] .

15 helpful development resources for WordPress developers

Blogs in Elementor.com sometimes contain some quite useful information. This time we have this great collection of various resource or developer sites. Check out: 15 Helpful Development Resources for WordPress Developers.

This is a bargain!

Astra Agency Bundle For A Lifetime

This price may sound a lot at first, but when you look at the details of this great bundle, you’ll very soon realize this is a real bargain.

As they say, this is

“A complete product bundle to grow your agency business”

and it sure is. But before I go into the specs, I must point out and emphasize, that this really is 

A complete solution

No more yearly payments for this and that pro WordPress plugin, no more yearly payments for pro templates – no more of this yearly hazzle ever again!

And no more extra payments for extra domains, as your business and client base grows. Ever. Just keep on making glorious client sites one after another – and keep on making a big buck with no exta fees.

Astra Agency Bundle Info

This Complete Bundle covers unlimitedly everything*, for ever.

*Read more about Agency Bundle on this site, or visit wpastra.com for more information.

This blog post contains affiliate links.

A great compilation of web tools and resources via Paper.li

I have been using this Paper.li for some time now.

I get my regular newsletters of selected and/or automated/curated articles, which sometimes are interesting, sometimes are not.

Now this time, the article is a treasure. It’s a great compilation of tools and services.

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