Ads for WP

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Ads for WP

Building the #1 Ads SolutionWe are innovating in the Ads space by creating a 
Lightweight, Easy & Feature Rich Ad solution for WP & AMP.”

[Edit 2019-07-04] The plugin is back in repository and back in business. Now with version 1.9 and security fixes. 

[Edit 2019-07-01] The plugin is removed from WP repository. Hopefully comes back later, like they sometimes do.
More of this subject below, and on my other site .

[EDIT 2019-06-23:] Now what I’ve used this plugin so far, and really starting just yesterday, I have to say I’m quite impressed.
All the basic functions that you (and I) as a starting advertiser need, are packed in the most comprehensive, clear and simple package, that this plugin is just a pleasure to use. I know, these Ad systems can be a big mess too. But with this Ads for WP there’s nearly no learning curve at all.

So far I’ve used this plugin only at my , and I’ve used only Image Banner Ads with my Affiliate links, so of course this is the most eezybeezy thing thinkable. Later today I found out, that Ads for WP seems to work perfectly with Elementor, too.
Just great, just great.

So far, 5/5 diamonds from me. Good work, guys.

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