AAM Plugin

By in From elsewhere, Links, OutSite, Technical on February 15, 2019

This plugin, based on first impressions, is very very interesting… I have high hopes…let’s see…


EDIT March 2019: I just couldn’t get this plugin to work like I would’ve wanted to, and I was left with a disappointment.

Yes, I only had a free version to try, and I only spend a few hours (!) with this one, but still I tried this on a couple of sites. 
Maybe I had wrong hopes, but anyhow, I couldn’t get permissions to work on a multi-level.
For example giving reading rights of a page to a person or a group didn’t function at all.
I ended up all the time in a situation, where no matter what your role was, you weren’t allowed to read a page assigned to you, unless you signed-in as an Administrator. 

I don’t know, if some other plugins interfered with this, most notably WordFence, although if I think I tried even with most of other plugins deactivated. And I don’t know what role web browsers have in this.

But all in all this effort was totally frustrating and futile. There must be a better way than this.

Go ahead, you try – and tell me I was wrong. I’d be happy to hear.


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