A great compilation of web tools and resources via Paper.li

I have been using this Paper.li for some time now.

I get my regular newsletters of selected and/or automated/curated articles, which sometimes are interesting, sometimes are not.

Now this time, the article is a treasure. It’s a great compilation of tools and services.

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A Deep Dive Into The Most Popular Web Tools & Services

and if I understard correctly, it’s originally from https://www.codewall.co.uk/ and by Dan Englishby.

In this article there are shortly covered 36 different web tools and services, of which many are unknown to me, but what I’ve checked, they really are real and well-made.

And this above link comes with a warning: Be prepared to spend the rest of your day checking out these great tools and services.

There are presented great resources like

Brizy – Innovative Site Builder

Tailor Brands (that service I have tried myself too, it really is great)







Email template builder

Newsletter Templates

and many many more

So go have a look, here’s a direct CodeWall link.

This is my quick testing of Tailor Brands Studio earlier this spring 2019.
TBS is a wonderful servie with quite reasonable pricing.

The article’s featured image is from Rawpixel.com

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